In the beginning until now . . .

It all started back in 2005,

"Little Star Burner"

after sudden retirements for both co-founders from the hectic and crazy business world. The co-founders of D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm, found themselves lacking fulfillment and joy.  They felt displaced due to their sudden disabilities and no longer able to do the jobs they had been able to do for years.  Feeling alone, unwanted, depressed, nowhere to go and unable to do their jobs, they needed something.  It made them both  feel that they could no longer actively contribute to the world.  Until one day while talking with their eldest granddaughter about farm animals.  They realized that they could contribute by helping out no longer wanted, abused and disabled  animals,   They went out in search for that special horse that would give them both meaning and responsibility to share in.  They found a young Appaloosa mare named "Little Star Burner", who was looking for a new home of her very own.  It wasn't long that they found out that Little Star had contracted EPM, before they had purchased her. (EPM: Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis, is a disease caused by the apicomplexan parasite Sarcocystis neurona that affects the central nervous system of horses. Making it very difficult to walk, and move about.  EPM was first discovered in the 1960s by the American biologist Dr. Jim Rooney. The disease is considered rare, though recently, an increasing number of cases have been reported.)  They realized that they had to do something for her.  And, through Little Star, their journey began for both Little Star and  for the both of them,  and along with all the other rescue animals that have come to D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm.

Our Proud and Loyal Rescue Animals

We enjoy all of our furry and feathered babies here.  Yes, it is a very difficult job to do each and every day.  Especially for those who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge and those who still struggle on their way to recovery.  But without all of our babies, we shutter to think what would of become of all of them if left behind.     Each of them, like Little Star, have their own stories to tell. And, through D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm we are giving them a chance to tell each of their  own stories and to give them a new chance at living a comfortable life   

Get Involved


We are an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue.  We are focused on helping surrendered, abused, and disabled equines. We enjoy helping them make their journey back into finding a safe and happy environment for them to flourish. 

Are you passionate about what we're doing?  Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that bests suits you.  We're excited to have you join our team!

Please consider volunteering your time, or help us out by donating items like hay, straw, sawdust, feed, animal related items, etc.  Or, by donating money for their daily care, like vet and dental bills, surgeries, blacksmith care, and etc.  Or perhaps by sponsoring an equine monthly, or adopting one of our many beautiful babies. 

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm also contributes to our local communities.  If you are in need to satisfy a "Community Service" requirement, we are here to help.  Just give us a call and set up an interview and fill out the necessary paperwork to get you on your way to satisfy a court order or Michigan Works requirements.

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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.

Or consider going to Smile and make D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm your designated nonprofit organization.  Amazon will donate .5% from purchases made to our organization.  Thank you for making us your nonprofit choice.

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"BECKY'S JOKER" (available for sponsorship only) and his own story . . .


Becky's Joker (better known as "Joker") has been with us for many years now.  Joker came to us as a behaviorial  issue.  But Joker has become THE MOST POPULAR horse here. Joker loves the attention and really enjoys all the people.  Joker is available for sanctuary donations only.  NOT available for adoption.  Joker is part of our horse to human therapy program.

"TPRECIOUS" has been adopted by Ann and Randy


Tprecious has left her home here at  D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm soon for her new forever home.  She has found her permanent forever home with a wonderful family.  

ERTHA has been adopted by a wonderful new family.


Ertha is doing what she knows best and that is giving joyful buggy rides to grandchildren of her new owners.  She has settled in right away and enjoys her new farm and new large forever family.  Congraduations Etha, you deserve only the best in life.  We will all miss you here.

Sanctuary & Rescues



Please consider sponsoring one or more of our wonderful animals here.  These horses are ones that can not be adopted out for one or more reasons.  But this does not stop them from getting that extra attention from that special someone who enjoys being around horses, but can not have one of their own.  By providing a monthly sponsorship of $45, you help provide a contribution towards their special needs.  Also this entitles you to come out once each week for the day to help care for your horse.  You may brush, wash, clean, ground work, lunge and feed your horse.  When possible, even be able to ride when you are here. Please think about this fine way of helping out. Give us a call today at

 989-685-8046 and set an appointment to get started.

Thank you so much. 



If you are looking for a permanent safe sanctuary for your horse please read on:

We here at D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm take pride in what we do for all of our rescues.  We treat each and everyone here as one of our own personal baby. We promise to give the best care that can be provided to each one here. We feed hay 24/7 here, both outside and in stalls. We provide also grain, beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, and supplements and medications, according to the needs of each individual horse. Some may need little and some need 3-4 small feedings each day. So feeding here is very different based on a horses' needs.  Does he wear a cribbing collar when he is stalled?  Does he have toys hanging in his stall to keep him occupied while in there?  We do these things when they are needed for whatever the situation calls for.  We have 2 that have toys and one of them wears a cribbing collar.  It works miracles if you use the right one. We would be glad to take in your horse and provide either a box stall or kept in a pasture which ever fits their needs.  If kept in a stall because of various issues, they would be turned out to play in our large indoor arena.  When weather is good, we would be putting them out in one of our new temporary fencing areas for those who require individual keeping, until we get the individual paddocks put in after we do our drainage construction in the summer of 2018.  But if we take your horse in as a sanctuary horse, we will need your help monthly to help with their care. We charge $75 a month, which is only $900 a year.  In addition but not required, we will take in any type of donations as well to help with the animals here or things that could be resold at auction.  Without this, we would not be able to take in anymore sanctuary horses here.  We would never adopt him or her out or sell them. They would have a permanent good and loving home here until he or she would pass. We get loads of people (young and old) who just come here to visit with all of our animals. The animals enjoy the treats that are brought to them and getting their pictures taken is a very special treat as well for them.  They really do get spoiled here. We do this because the cost as you know to keep a horse is very costly.  Most other rescues do adopt out, or sell their rescues to recoup costs back.  Most all of the rescues here in Michigan wouldn't take in a horse with issues that would make their rehoming impossible.  That is why we have built a new larger facility to accommodate these wonderful horses. We have been taking in many of these sanctuary horses in for over 10 years now.  Otherwise, they would only go to another home again and again, and perhaps only to be sold finally to a meat buyer eventually.  We believe they have the right to live as humans no matter what their illnesses or situations are.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please give us a call at 989-685-8046 , so we can set up a visit for you and discuss further.  Also it is so very important that your provide to us, as much information as possible about your horse.  This information helps us provide the best direction to go with their future treatments and care here to get better and to be able to enjoy a long good life here.  Hope to hear from you soon, only if you decide on D&R Acres. 

Thank you.



Right now we have several horses available for adoption.  An Application to Adopt must be filled out first, with a site visit and reference checks to be completed before any final adoptions to be made.  Give us a call 989-685-8046 to see who we have available. We are always have new horses available each month.  So if you do not see what you are looking for on our web site, call us for more information.

  Thank you