"BECKY'S JOKER" (available for sponsorship only) and his own story . . .


Becky's Joker (better known as "Joker") has been with us for many years now.  Joker came to us as a behaviorial  issue.  But Joker has become THE MOST POPULAR horse here. Joker loves the attention and really enjoys all the people.  Joker is available for sanctuary donations only.  NOT available for adoption.  Joker is part of our horse to human therapy program.

"TPRECIOUS" has been adopted by Ann and Randy


Tprecious has left her home here at  D&R Acres Hobby and Rescue Farm soon for her new forever home.  She has found her permanent forever home with a wonderful family.  

ERTHA has been adopted by a wonderful new family.


Ertha is doing what she knows best and that is giving joyful buggy rides to grandchildren of her new owners.  She has settled in right away and enjoys her new farm and new large forever family.  Congraduations Etha, you deserve only the best in life.  We will all miss you here.