ZENA the Warrior Princess

Zena the Warrior Princess, is the perfect example of a senior horse who is both beautiful and still useful Zena is a 15.1 hands Percheron/Morgan cross, but don't let that intimate you with her size and gentle nature and beautiful sleek black body.  The only thing that would give any idea to her age would be a few white hairs, but we can call them sun-bleached from those long trail rides on her. Zena came to us because of her recent owners' age and failing health issues and no fault on Zena's part.  Zena's previous owner before that was a lady who was intimidated by her rather large physic and her ways about her wanting to be next to you Zena is the type of horse that wants constant attention from her owner and just wants to be loved and loved on. Zena still enjoys overnight camping, long trail rides, pulling kids and adults through the snow with her sleigh or fall and summer carriage rides. Zena does it all with grace and talent that anyone would appreciate despite her age. When you ride Zena, you just don't get a ride, but you float while trotting or cantering upon her. No younger horse can compare with this well-seasoned animal, who has both brains and beauty.  Zena is the whole package. Because of all of this, D&R Acres has decided to utilize Zena in our Equine Assistance Therapy Program here to help disabled individuals overcome their issues through horse therapy. We believe a horse never ages out to still be useful.